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Glorifying God in the Word

The Big Thing:    If we say He is who He says He is...then our lives will reflect who we say He is!
THE BIG THING:    Sinful choices will lead to a life of sad & terrible consequences. But no one celebrates more than God when a sinner comes to his senses.
THE BIG THING:   Forgiven souls are expected to forgive, and do so time and again. This is what life in the Kingdom is like... there's no room for hate &…
THE BIG THING:    To souls who come my way in life, Kingdom Love I am to give. I choose to love like Jesus, for in His Kingdom I choose…
The Big Thing:     Disciples of Jesus are responsible for sowing seed, not growing seed.
THE BIG THING: The King of the Kingdom can do as He pleases!  

Jesus: Lord, or Savior Only?

February 24, 2019
The Big Thing:   Lord is who Jesus Is, Savior is what Jesus Does.

The Chosen Ones Part 5

February 17, 2019
THE BIG THING: When we Chose to be Chosen, We Chose to be Holy.

The Chosen Ones Part 4

February 10, 2019
The Big Thing: Many are invited but few are Chosen to receive so great a Salvation, because only a few Choose to be Chosen by accepting God's Invitation.
The Big Thing:      The Longer I Live in this World The More I do not Belong. I'm a Stranger in a Foreign Land, And Being Here seems Wrong.…


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