The Great Hallel

November 18, 2018
Let us express to God our Praise & give thanks to Him always; for His glory is all surpassing & His Love is everlasting.

When Life Happens (Part 5)

November 11, 2018
In Focused Faith I press on one day at a time, for the Prize that will Forever last! Hang on to Hope (Phil 3:12-14) Practice Joy (Phil 4:4) Do not…

When Life Happens (Part 4)

November 4, 2018
Have total trust in God: Php1:3-6, 12-14 Adjust your attitude: Php 2:1-11 Develop Godly relationships Php 2:19-23 Focus your faith: Php 3:12-14

When Life Happens (Part 2)

October 21, 2018
THE BIG THING - "God does not think like we think and Great and mysterious are His ways. Faith does not demand all the answers even during the most difficult…